Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and allowing us to introduce ourselves.

My name is Doreen Gill. My husband, Peter & I own Cradles to Crayons. Being parents ourselves and having been in the corporate world for a long time, we understand to the pressures and the needs of working parents. We have experienced the juggle of business and personal life while making sure that neither was left at less than expected. We also understand the importance of choosing a center that is right for your child which can also meet the needs of your unique schedule.

When Cradles to Crayons was created, we were determined to provide a center that offered an enriching early childhood education program, an atmosphere that encourages fun while learning and the flexibility that is needed for working parents. Because we are not a franchise and are not owned by a major corporation, we can provide the type of individual service that can change as your needs change. We know and understand how unpredictable life can be.

So, after 10 years and two locations, we continue to follow the same foundation which has met the needs of 100's of families.