Summer Programs

During the summer months of June, July and August, Cradles to Crayons switches to our Summer Fun Program. The program is designed to illustrate the difference between the school year and the summer months. While we continue to review our academics in the traditional sense, we also introduce learning in a more casual atmosphere through the use of special events.

The children are presented with new experiences utilizing the variation of our local merchants in Morristown. Some of these services include pizza making at Anthony’s Pizza, visits to Kings our local supermarket, and theatre performances of our favorite books at the Mayo Community Theatre. Walking and bus field trips add to our learning which include Legoland, Field Station: Dinosaurs, museums, zoos, farms and the local library for story time and projects. Visiting guests are on the venue creating an exciting mixture.

Our guests include:
– travelling zoos and aquariums
– craft creation with the help of the Teaching Room
JamCats music events introducing instrument playing and a variety of music types
– swim lessons are also available.

The children have the option to participate in swim lessons at a local indoor pool located 1 block from the center. In addition to formal lessons, the program includes the importance of water safety. All of these programs plus an array of extra-curriculum offered through the summer makes for an exciting fun-filled place to be.