Pre-School One

We designed this program to increase our pre-schoolers’ new abilities while keeping the children fascinated with meaningful activities. Our two year olds need to explore and test everything. They are guided throughout the day to encourage them to take on new challenges. Our emphasis is on academics, social skills and language development. Curriculum includes weekly themes at circle time, fine motor skill projects, art, centers to promote imagination, outdoor play and a learning of overall cooperation while involved in a group. Repetition is a huge part of learning so we make sure that we review on a daily basis to encourage a strong foundation for learning.

Pre-School Two

Our three year old children are constantly changing and growing in our world. Our program is set up to satisfy their changes and answer the many questions they have about the world around them. The daily activities and curriculum encourages choices of their own while providing daily opportunities for success. Self-confidence, social development, fine and gross motor skills, language enhancement and solid academics is the basis of our activities. Our environment encourages to learn and discover in a fun and positive way while preparing for their next steps, Pre-School Three and Kindergarten. Our activities include circle time to discuss ideas and observations, fine motor skills, daily walks, art activities, block play, dramatic play, story time, and field trips to educational locations.

Pre-School Three

Our Pre-School Three students are preparing to enter their first level of formal education in Kindergarten. Our concentration is on establishing intellectual, social and emotional foundations as well as language arts, communication skills and academics including science, math, phonics, social studies and writing. Computer skills are used to develop curriculum. Activities include circle time to discuss ideas and observations, fine motor skills, art, block play, dramatic play, outdoor play, organized walks and local field trips to learning resources in the area. Our pre-school three children are so aware of their surroundings that a trip to a local construction site is fascinating and allows them to monitor progress and accomplishments. They are taught to tie their shoes, construct simple graphs, write their names, addresses and phone numbers and count backwards and forwards. All of these skills are very useful in Kindergarten. They are well-rounded by the time they leave this program to enter their first step into Kindergarten.